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ACHN offer a wide range of nutritional workshops

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Good Mood Food

Is what you eat linked to your mood?

Why not attend an interactive and informative presentation by a Registered Dietitian examining why our energy levels in the day could be linked to what and when we eat. Discover what foods can have a significant effect on boosting your mood. This presentation will provide some useful tips and practical advice on what foods you can include in your diet to help improve your mood, give you more energy and help improve productivity in the day. Prepare to learn about some very easy "quick wins" – which are stress-free to implement in your lifestyle. (these workshops come in a 3 part series, but each one is a standalone element – we offer three as there are so many foods which affect mood!)

Good Mood Food Part 2

Have you ever had changing moods throughout the day, but haven't been able to figure out why?

Well in part 2 of this interactive workshop series we help you to find out the reasons and how you can feed your brain the correct nutrients to help those good moods prevail. Throughout the workshop we give you tips that can be easily carried out in everyday life. We also introduce you to new and novel approaches that you may never have considered before.

Tired But Wired

Would you like to improve the amount of sleep you get each night or perhaps you still wake up feeling you haven’t had enough sleep?

This informative and fun presentation looks at all the foods to eat more of to boost both the quantity of sleep and the quality of sleep. We also examine when it is best to eat certain foods at the right time of the day to help boost the hormones responsible for sleep.

Snack Attack!

Would you like to know more about snacking, whether it is a healthy aspect or not?

What constitutes a healthy snack or how to determine where the healthy snack are available in your canteen, vending machine or supermarket. This workshop goes through all you need to know about snacking, how to incorporate it in a healthy way without the guilt!

Boosting Your Immunity (Part 1 and 2)

Do you want to support your immune system, feel good and fight off the risk of being ill?

Do you want to ensure you are feeling on top form and boost your resilience? Why not come to this informative presentation by a Registered Dietitian who will go through all the foods to eat more of to support your immune function, feel good and beat the bugs.

Gut Health

Let’s look at bacteria – did you know you have more bacteria in your body than cells?

In recent years, science has confirmed what goes on in our digestive system has a far bigger impact on our health than we previously thought; from immunity, our mental health and other health conditions. In this workshop we explore the bacteria in your gut and why these are so helpful to us for ensuring optimal digestive health, how we can tip the balance in our favour and encourage small changes in our everyday lives which will support our wellbeing from the inside out.

Weight Management - The secrets of Success

An interactive seminar on the myths surrounding weight loss, how to lose weight successfully and we examine some of the most popular diets and why some of them are effective at helping you achieve long term weight loss.

We also go through some techniques designed to help you lose weight by changing behaviours. We will also go through an easy to follow weight loss diet plan which allows you to develop a personalised plan based upon your dietary preferences, whether you are a lettuce lover, a committed cookie eater or somewhere in between.

How to sustain yourself through a busy working day- the healthy way!

An interactive workshop where we work together to look at what you are eating during a typical day and whether this is the optimal food intake which will help to sustain you through a busy working day.

We examine the food you eat and relate this back to Government and Nutritional Guidelines to determine if you are achieving a good nutritional balance. Don’t worry – this is done confidentially during the workshop. We also look at the optimal food choices and snacks to keep you going throughout the day – the healthy way – giving ideas for you to try and think about.

Heart Health

An interactive session on how to improve your heart health, looking after your cholesterol and blood pressure to ensure a healthy heart.

Why not attend a fun and informative presentation by a Registered Dietitian and discover why the food you eat and what you drink can have a significant effect on your cholesterol levels; both the ‘good’ cholesterol and ‘bad’ cholesterol. The seminar will also focus on which foods to eat more of to boost the ‘good cholesterol’ levels in your blood to protect you against heart disease. This workshop also looks at optimal food choices to help with our blood pressure.

Eating for Cancer prevention – the facts!

This seminar is conducted in a very sensitive manner due to the nature of the topic.

Focusing on foods providing a protective effect to help reduce the risk of developing certain cancers. The workshop also touches on those foods best avoided to prevent the most common types of cancers. This seminar can be tailor made to your organisation – i.e. focusing on male/female predominate cancers or if you have a higher incidence of any type/site of cancers please let us know.

Diabetes – what do I eat?

Are you confused with what to eat to control your sugar levels?

Don’t understand what your medication does? Need to know what snacks are best to eat – then this is the seminar to come to. We will have time to go through your questions on diet, snacks and also an opportunity to find out which foods are best to eat for diabetes and optimal sugar control – so you feel and perform better.

IBS – Help!

Do you have bloating, abdominal pain, flatulence or general bowel problems?

Then come to this workshop to find out how to manipulate your diet in order to improve your symptoms – you will be surprised at some of the advice on offer! We offer this workshop as gastro-related problems can be a major contributor to staff absenteeism.


You might have heard all about Superfoods in the press and media, but what are they and is it just hype or is there real evidence behind certain foods to warrant the name ‘superfood’?

In this workshop we examine some of the popular superfoods, why they have earnt this name and whether it is justified. If it is, how do we include it in the diet for optimal health, wellbeing and performance!

Eating for Energy

Would you like to maximise your energy throughout the working week?

If so, come to this interactive workshop looking at all the ways you can boost levels of energy through what you eat and when what food groups will help you boost your performance.

Plant Power

Heard about Plant Power?

In this presentation we will examine what is Plant Based Eating, why it is so good for your health and wellbeing and why it is good for the planet too! Also find out about some of the nutrients you will need to ensure are in your diet to avoid any nutritional deficiencies occurring. If you are considering going Meatless Monday or wanting to adapt a healthier way of eating come along to find out more!

Meatless Monday

Do you want to eat less meat, but don’t know what other foods to incorporate into your diet instead?

Come to this workshop to find out about how much red meat is healthy, what red meats to cut down on and what healthy alternatives to have instead. Taste test some dishes where meat is not used...

Nutrition and Shift Work

An interactive workshop where we work together to look at the physical effects of shift work and how it can impact your dietary intake, and the best ways to manage the timings of your meals and snacks for optimal nutrition.

This presentation will provide some useful tips and practical advice on what foods you can include in your diet and at what times to help improve your working day. We also look at the best food choices to keep you feeling good throughout the day – the healthy way – giving you ideas to try and think about. Prepare to learn about some very easy “quick wins” – which are stress-free to implement in your lifestyle."

Brain Fuel

How does the food you eat affect your brainpower?

Come to this presentation to find out some interesting facts and quick easy wins to boost brain power and work performance by the foods you eat. Find out more about which nutrient the brain really needs to function optimally and others which nourish the brain.

What’s on the Menu

We look at the local eateries and give you the low down on which are the healthiest choices to go for.

We go through what components make up a healthy lunch and how to ensure you make the best choices when buying food out or bringing it in from home.

Feed Yourself Fertile

An interactive presentation where we examine the food you eat in a typical day and how this relates to the how you can nourish your body to ensure you ‘feed yourself fertile’ and ensure you have the correct nutrients.

We go through the latest research on the foods which are shown to help fertility and reduce the risk of miscarriages. Gain an insight in to the foods which help with this and how to incorporate them into your daily diet, giving you the confidence to find a healthy, natural solution. The workshop is interactive - but don’t worry – it is done confidentially – you don’t have to share your current food intake or past with anyone else, unless you want to! We also look at the best food choices to keep you feeling good throughout the process – the healthy way – giving ideas to try and think about.

Finding the right ‘free from’ diet for you

An interactive presentation where we examine why allergies and intolerance exist, what the main allergens are and what food options and swaps you have.

We give you lots of ideas for you to enjoy your food and ensure no nutritional deficiencies occur.

Managing the Menopause through diet and lifestyle

The menopause is different for every woman, yet it’s something that all women will experience.

The transition can have a profound effect on physical health both now and later on, as well as on mental health and wellbeing. This seminar will help both men and women better understand how nutrition and certain nutrients can be friend or foe when it comes to feeling confident about managing the various changes that occur.